New Products in January

I have been working this whole weekend, and I should be doing laundry right now, but I got inspired to write a blog post and went with it. Currently, I am watching Zoella on Youtube. I love her. Just is so adorable and I love

In the beginning of January there are always new products that come out and I love that. I like trying new products, because you never know what you are going to like. Also, do you ever feel like when you buy a product, and you keep using it just because you don’t have anything better? For instance, I have been using the Maybelline BB Cream, and to be honest, I don’t really like it a whole lot. It makes my skin look “ok”, and I find it makes me look really pale. It is the BB cream that is supposed to match your skin. Maybe I really am that pale and don’t want to admit it? Maybe.


1. Anyways, I bought something new that should kind of work like a BB cream, but is actually a foundation. (So, I completely thought that this was a BB cream, but when I started looking more at the package, I realized that it is a foundation. That makes sense. I will explain). I bought the Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation in the the shade 100 Ivory, which turned out to be a perfect colour for me. I always like to match my skin to what I am when I am pale. I don’t tan very well, and I am better off to buy a foundation that matches my skin 70% of the year. I know some people buy more than one to match when they are more tanned. That isn’t me. Why waste your money? When do you know when you become less tanned? You could run into some trouble there.

I should probably talk about the product. I really like it. We can move on now (j/k). It feels very light, but still like you are wearing a creamy moisturizer. A little goes a long way with this product I have found. You can use too much, and you really don’t need to. It blends out really well and I have found that it doesn’t really smudge very easily, like when you wipe your face and you find foundation on your fingers (doesn’t really happen). I really like the packaging as well, and I appreciate that it comes in a tube (I hate bottles), so that you can control how much comes out. Mostly. It doesn’t make my face look greasy, or dry, and the coverage is great. It definitely covered up my red spots quite well. I just used a small amount of light concealer under my eyes and over top some more angry red spots.


2. I went out and got the much talked about Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser. To be honest, I know that I just bought the Benefit Porefessional not that long ago, but this one came out and I really wanted to try it. I know that people compare the Baby Skin more to the Smashbox primer, and I agree that it doesn’t feel or look at all like the Benefit product. I even used this one on my husband in different areas of his face to try to see the difference between the two (he actually let me, which was pretty awesome). To be honest, the Benefit product did work a little better to blur your pores, but I like the consistency of the Baby Skin. It is a little more lightweight, and doesn’t really feel like you are wearing anything on your skin. It does a decent job of blurring your pores, but it isn’t perfect. I do like that it is less than half of the price of the Porefessional, so I would be more likely to use it on a daily basis and not worry about it running out too fast. Plus, the colour of the tube is wonderful. Actually, both are in a similar colour family. I just like the packaging of products really. What do you need to draw me in? Something nice to look at. There. I said it.

I didn’t really get a huge amount of products, but I did find ones that I had researched a lot and were very interested in trying. I will definitely continue to use them and they are perfect to travel with.

Speaking of travel (nice segway eh?), my husband and I have booked our next trip! We are going to Ireland, Spain, and Portugal in May! I have wanted to go to these places for such a long time. I really didn’t want to stop travelling until I had gone and now we are going! My husband booked the flights yesterday and we will be spending a few days in London, then off to Dublin, and home from Lisbon, Portugal. I will give you more details when the planning gets more intense.

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Maybelline Colossal Volume Mascara

I was getting ready for going out with my husband and I really wanted my eyelashes to look really full and long, so I went to use a different mascara that I hadn’t for a really long time. That is my Maybelline Volum’ Express The Colossal, and boy have I missed this mascara. I used to to use this mascara all of the time and I really liked it, but I haven’t used it much since I bought my Benefit They’re Real! Mascara. (These together, however, is amazing!) My lashes look full and volumous, as well as apart and long. I am loving this combination right now. I talked about the Benefit mascara in this post so you can check that out if you would like to read a review of this mascara.


I have missed this mascara so much, that I even went out to buy a new one because I noticed that this formula was getting fairly dry. You can really notice the love that this mascara has gotten because the writing has really started to wear off. I have always gotten this mascara is Glam Black, but that is just me. I can’t say enough good things about this mascara. It just does what I want it to do.


Maybelline mascaras are really the best mascaras that I have ever tried. They are always less than $10, and their formulas are great. They last a long time, and I have found that they really are not very wet formulas, so they don’t tend to make a mess when you are putting them on. Plus, there are so many different varieties of mascaras, that you can find one to do whatever you want. I really find that the Colossal Volume is the best for me, but I like my eyelashes to be very full and thick looking. I also find that the brush is awesome, and doesn’t sting your eyes like the Benefit mascara sometimes does, because is it very sparse and plastic.

Typically, I use one of these products, and then I use the Maybelline Great Lash Mascara, (because it really is the best) on top. I use this mascara in the regular, as well as the waterproof formulas. My mom has been using this mascara for years and not only is it cheap, but it is also such a great mascara and I love using it. It just provides another layer to really separated your lashes and give them extra pop. I love that. Plus, it is so cheap, usually between $3 – $5. You can’t get better than that, really. This formula has been raved about by so many websites and magazines – and they are right!

My husband and I are going to be making some pumpkin seeds in the oven this week, so I will post pictures and give the recipes! Thanks for reading.