My Nighttime Skincare Routine

My nighttime routine has really just come into fruition within the past 6 months or so where I do this every night (or morning, depending on when I am going to sleep). Because I work primarily night shifts, I really don’t want that to show as age on my face, as I am getting older (eek!). I have now bought much more expensive creams and such to really take care of my skin so that I can look more youthful for longer. Easy enough right? Not too complicated. Although, for one piece of advice, I really wish that I had started these habits earlier, and not when I started to notice lines on my face. Oh well, c’est la vie!


If my skin feels like it is very clogged, or just that it needs a really good intense clean, then I use my Norwex Antibacterial Body Cloths for my face. It removes my makeup really well, and also works like a scrub for my face. I really like using these, but I don’t use them everyday because I do find that they can be a little harsh for my skin. These cloths are a very quick way to both scrub and remove makeup from your face. Dual purpose those bad boys are. I am certainly a fast and easy kind of girl, *wink*.

First off, if I have worn makeup during the day (especially if I have used waterproof mascara), then I use the La Roche Posay Gentle Makeup Remover. This has a creamy texture and I find that it works very well at removing most of my makeup. I like to use this product with a cotton pad around my eyes especially. Even when I use this, I still feel like I always find that there is a little bit of mascara that always finds its way to be completely unremovable no matter how much I try to get it off. I really find this with waterproof products, which I only wear when I am going to have a long day at work (or if I am going to sweat a lot). I still want to look respectable and not have a bunch of mascara underneath my eyes. (Not like I usually look which is a bit rough around the edges).

Then, as mentioned in , I use my Spectro Jel cleanser. Not too special, but I love the way that this works; so morning and night, I am devoted. This product is just very gentle, and I tend not to get a lot of breakouts when I use this so…speaks for itself really.


I then like to apply my Korres 24 hour Brightening Nighttime Cream, which I mentioned in blog post. I really like this product for sure. However, since I bought it in September I am more than half way through it which is pretty disappointing. I think that I am going to have to find another cream that I can alternate it with. I just really like using this product because I really find that it brightens my skin and makes me look less tired. Plus, it doesn’t break me out like a lot of other creams tend to do.

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Lastly, and definitely not least, I use my ROC eye cream for sensitive eyes. I don’t really know how much this works. I also bought it at Ulta when we were in Portland, but I wasn’t sure if it really worked, so I didn’t write a review on it. I have used it for basically about 2 months since I bought, almost every night, and I am still not sure how much it works. It definitely burns the first few times that you use it, and I find if I have really rubbed my eyes right before I put it on than it still burns, but, you know, the hazards of beauty. I am for sure going to continue using it, but we will see if I buy it again. I did have the Neutrogena * eye cream that I used for about 3 months and I just stopped using it because I think that it did absolutely nothing for me. I will give the ROC cream another month. I did read really good reviews on it, so it should work….what do you think? Is there another brand that I should try?

And that is my ever so complicated nighttime routine. Not too much, just experimenting for now. I am definitely open to more options and opinions about skincare for sure. Thanks for reading!