January Ipsy Bag

Where have I been for the past month? Seriously, I don’t even know. I feel like I am still getting off of the craziness that has been Christmas and New Years. It is hard to get back into the swing of everyday life after that whole hoopla. Anyways, New Years Resolution #1: Become more organized. Always a big one for me. And to start that off (albeit a little late I will admit), I am going to begin uploading more blog posts in the new year. I have been meaning to write this one for a while, but life has really been hectic.

Enough about me, lets talk Ipsy bag products! I got a good one this month. Last month, didn’t even talk about it because it was so bad and not worth mentioning.


(Also, will you check out this adorable little pouch? I love these colours!)


1. By far my favourite product from this bag, the Sexy Hair Leave in Conditioner. I tried this stuff the other day, and really I had never actually used a leave in conditioner, but I certainly will now. This product smelt really good, and made my hair so soft. It completely detangled my hair and made my hair much less frizzy. I don’t wash my hair that often, so this works very well with my life. I will totally be buying this product as soon as this sample is done. (Because then I can keep the bottle and take it with me when I go on trips). A full sized bottle of this cost $17.95 at Ulta. Keeping this in mind for sure.


2. Next, the Elizabeth Mott Smooth Shadow in the colour Penny, which is a really nice copper colour. It is apparently a waterproof product, but I don’t really knowhow waterproof it actually is. This staying power, however, is great. This is a very tiny product, but I kind of like that. Also, you are supposed to sharpen it with a sharpener, which might be kind of interesting when the time comes. I used this as an eyeliner combined with a brown eyeliner and it looked really pretty. It applied very smoothly, like its name. I really like using this. The colour also compliments my red hair.


3. The A! Absolute! Make-up Cleansing Tissues were also a great product. They smell really sweet, like juice, and are made with pomegranate extract. They took my make-up off really well, and made my skin feel really cleansed. However, they did make my skin feel a little sticky so I still felt like I had to wash my face after using them, but they were not harsh on my skin at all. I don’t know whether I would really buy them. I have heard really good things about the Simple brand wipes that I would probably buy first to try them.

Now for the products that I didn’t really care for:


4. The Nourish Organic Lightweight Moisturizing Face Lotion with Argan and Rosewater smelt absolutely amazing! Like roses and peaches. I loved the smell of this out of everything! However, I didn’t feel as though this product was hydrating enough for my skin. It did make my skin feel very dry and tight after using it. But it is winter, and my skin is always so much more dry in the winter than in the summer. I will definitely try this product more in the summer I think. I don’t have oily enough skin for it for sure, but it is a nice product otherwise. In my October Ipsy Bag I also got a nice hand cream from the same line. It had a coconut smell, but I felt that both had a similar texture. Not quite moisturizing enough for my skin, but still nice products.


5. Lastly, the Mica Beauty Cosmetics Tinted Lip Balm in the colour #5 Natural was probably my least favourite product of them all. I didn’t care for the colour at all, and it was really drying on my lips. I may try to use this over top of a lip balm, or maybe I should just give this other shot in a few days. Sometimes I find that if I don’t like a product right away, I give it a little while and then I try it again to see if I still like it.

Ipsy kind of out did themselves a little more this month. Hooray! I have also been buying a few new products, so I will upload the reviews in the coming days!


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