November Ipsy Bag


Seems like not that long ago that I got my very first October Ipsy bag, and now I have my November one! I felt very excited to see what was in there! I just received it the other day, and I have tried most of the products so that I can give good impression and review. Sometimes I don’t really know what they are thinking when they send you some of these products. I mean, you basically fill out a survey, and then you get a mishmash of different products that they are sponsering, or being sponsered buy, and they send you products that they think that you would like. With this bag I just feel like they threw stuff in there without much thought, and a lot of these are products that I wouldn’t necessarily buy for myself.

That being said, I am definitely into trying all of these products that will maybe break me out of my comfort zone. There is nothing wrong with trying something new right? I am not totally beauty experienced, so there is always something good that will come out of this bag. Like how cute it is! Adorable! Like a gold snake skin, with a touch of pink: adorable.


Let’s start off with the first item in the bag shall we? I received a Pixi Subtly Suntouched Bronzer. I have actually never used a bronzer before, and I have always been meaning to try one. I have a good idea of how to really put on a bronzer, but just in case I read a blog post* of how to contour round faces, because, yeah, I have that. Also, I was always a little weary that it would make me look too orange. I looked it up online, and it actually retails for $18, but when you buy this in store it comes with a kabuki brush. I really wish that this one would have come with that too, since I don’t have a proper brush to use it with. I only really have a small blush brush that I can use, which seemed to work fine. I think that I will have to get a little more practice with it, but the colour doesn’t seem to be too dark, and it doesn’t apply very heavily. You really have to get a lot of the brush in order for it to really show up. I am really happy that I got this product because it will definitely force me to try it and work with it a little more.


The next product that I got was a Be a Bombshell Cosmetics Lip Crayon in the colour Shameless. This is a nice burgundy colour that actually really suits my complexion, but I am not a fan of the glitter in the product. I typically only use lip products that are glossy or matte, so I don’t care for the glitter feature, but it isn’t too noticeable. Also, I am very particular with taste, and this product really doesn’t taste very good to me. It just tastes like lipstick, which I don’t care for. However, I do really like the crayon aspect of this product because it makes it very easy to apply so that I don’t get it all around my lips, and I use it more like a lip liner that I fill in. Since it is coming into the Christmas season, I think that I will be wearing this a lot because it is a nice dark berry colour that works very well for this time of year.


What I actually used on top of the lip crayon was the em Cosmetics Pillow Plush Cushiony Lip Balm in the colour Lollipop. I like the colour of this product a lot and it feels really nice on the lips. I find it very moisturizing and soft. The only thing that I don’t like about it is the taste! I told you, I am hung up on taste for sure. The really important reason why I don’t like wearing lipstick is because I just don’t like the taste of it. It is gross. If it tastes nice, then I will probably wear it a lot, but I have a hard time getting passed the taste of things on my mouth. If you want to try something that is very tasty, I am a fan of the really like Fresh lip products.


Next, I got the Cailyn Mineral Eyeshadow in Champagne. When I first looked at this product I had no idea what this was. The packaging makes it look like a nail polish, but cheaper because it is plastic. It is a very powdery and soft eyeshadow, but I actually didn’t find that I had any fall out when I wore it. I wore it under another eyeshadow, and although I am not a big fan of glittery products, I still actually really like the colouring of this product. However, I did find that trying to get more of product to apply was difficult. There is a tube in the product that the spongey applicator goes into, and when you first pull it out it is covered in the product, but when you stick it back in the bottle to get more product, it comes out with barely any. Therefore, it looks neat, but isn’t really user friendly.


Then, I got Starlooks Gem Eyeliner in Topaz, which turned out to be a glittery grey colour (which isn’t topaz at all). It is a nice colour, although kind of more glittery than I would like. I found that it doesn’t really have very good staying power, and easily rubbed it off when I tried to blend it. I don’t know if I am going to wear it per se, but maybe I will find something good to do with it. (Christmas is coming right?) It is definitely very festive and fun, but not all my taste.


Lastly, I got another nail polish (hooray!) by a company called Nailtini, in the colour Caviar Cocktail. This is a shiny, gunmetal grey colour that is easy to apply and looks decent. I noticed on the website that this brand promotes using their products with other colours to create the perfect blend of nailpolishes, which I think is a great idea since so many people are doing nail art these days. I think that this colour would work really well with another similarly shiny nail polish. It was a very easy product to apply and dried really easily. Plus, I think that the colour is a lot of fun and I have already worn it on my toes!

So this month’s bag was a bit of a miss, and definitely wasn’t as good as last month’s, but I am still excited to get some use out of the products that I got. I am hoping that next months is a little bit better. Considering how much products that you get to try, the ipsy bag* is an awesome deal, even if there are only a few items that you might really like. I totally recommend this subscription to anyone that likes to try new things and get a little surprise at the end of the day.


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