7 Fall Favourites

Just so you know, I love fall. I love the crisp sunny days, and the changing season. Awesome. Here are a few (and I mean just a few, because this post could have had about 30 fall favourites, but that would be overwhelming). Tah Dah!

1. Falling leaves (as the name suggests “fall”)


I love watching falling leaves. I love seeing them blow in the wind and land where they may (as long as it isn’t in my face – it has happened). I just enjoy these moments because it isn’t very long before the trees are bare and dead looking and winter is upon us.

2. Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Ginger, Oh My

Photo Credit: Season with Spice

Photo Credit: Season with Spice

Can I just say that I love gingerbread? I love the flavours that are associated with anything pumpkin and fall-like. All of the wonderful candles, scents, and drinks out at this time of year have 1 or all of these beautiful aromas. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

3. Changing Colours of the Leaves (Red, Orange, Yellow)


Really, I don’t normally wear these colours daily, but I love watching the leaves change colours. It really just feels like Autumn at this time. It is refreshing and lovely to see these beautiful, bright colours expand across the leaves. Nature is amazing.

4. Raking Leaves


This seems crazy, but really, I love the satisfaction of getting all of the leaves when I rake. And for the ones that I can’t, I simply glare at them and try to coerce my husband into getting them. But in general, I love doing it. It just feels so like Autumn. This time always brings back wonderful memories.

5. Pumpkin everything

Photo Credit: Martha Stewart

Photo Credit: Martha Stewart

I love pumpkins. Pumpkin pie, pumpkin muffins/cupcakes, and pumpkin flavoured drinks (except for Pumpkin Spiced Lattes – not a huge fan). I love the beautiful colours and the way that they look. We planted some this year, so hopefully we get at least one *fingers crossed*.

6. Scarves

Photo Credit: Modcloth

Photo Credit: Modcloth

Scarves instantly make me feel fashionable. Is that weird? They just add a little something to your outfit. Especially this one.* I am not much of an accessories person, but scarves go with just about everything and they keep me warm. Functional, and fashionable. Need I say more?

7. Cool, Sunny Days


Bright and sunny days with that crisp feeling in the air? There isn’t much that is better than that. It reminds me of going for long walks, and being in the fresh air. Nice deep breaths. Ahh.


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