New Beginnings

Starting this blog has been on my things to do before 30 checklist for about 5 years now, thus leading me to starting this blog about things in my life. I have always been so bad with diaries. I swear that I have good intentions to do it everyday, but most of the time I stop about a few days into the whole process. Is it fair to say that I just want to live in the moment? Maybe thats just an excuse.

I have always wanted to do a travel blog, since my husband and I have been to a few countries in the past 4 years. How do you like that segway? I guess that I will ell all of you out there about myself. I am 27, I live in the rainy area of Canada, and I have been married to the most wonderful man I have ever known for the past 4 years (not counting the previous 5 and a half years that we were together before that). Yes, I lamely married my highschool sweetheart just to make everyone I know go “Awww”.

I have a wonderful job that I love as a nurse, and I couldn’t be happier. My husband and I own our own home, and we don’t have kids. So far travelling has been our top priority. You have no idea how many people always tell us, “Do it before you have kids”. I guess that we really took that advice very seriously. Not to mention that we absolutely love to travel. We love to travel so much this past year we have been on 4 different trips to various places throughout Europe and the United States. Lucky? Really all that we do is work our butts off, be frugal, and go on trips.

Sure travelling and work are important and the focus of our lives, but I also love to learn about makeup and skincare. Just in this past year I have been obsessed with watching Youtube and reading blogs all about makeup. I feel like I have definitely expanded my knowledge and collection of makeup and skincare in a great way. I have been making sure that I wash my face in the morning and before bed. I am no expert for sure, but I love to learn and buy the best products that I can.

Trying new recipes and baking are such big loves of mine as well. I must try a new recipe every week at least.

Hopefully through this blog I can share all of my interests and document my life much like a bit of a diary. I hope that this can lead me to learn more about all of my loves and share it with you at the same time.

Thanks for reading!



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