My Favourite Moisturizers


Just to start off: I love moisturizers. I get such dry skin in the summer (because I spend a lot of time in the water), and in the fall/winter, for obvious reasons. Finding the best moisturizers for my skin and face has always been, not so much a battle, but a mission of mine. I have such sensitive skin as well, that I truly have to have the best stuff. Like most people, scent is also super important. I just love a sweet smell, with nothing too harsh or with a harsh perfume scent. You know what I mean. Everyone is different with what kind of scents that they like, and no one can really describe something until you use it.
Here are 5 of my favourite moisturizers that I am using right now:

1. Butter Yourself by Soap & Glory – I really love this stuff. You can get it in Canada at Shoppers Drug Mart, hooray! It isn’t the cheapest stuff, but I really like the scent, so I went with it. I find it, like the name suggests, very buttery. It has a soft and lightly fruity scent that I just find very pleasing. It isn’t super strong, but I really like how this stuff makes my skin feel. Not too greasy, but all around soft. I usually put it on after my shower, or before I go to bed.


2. Skin Relief Moisturizing Lotion (fragrance free) by Aveeno – In the fall and winter I really tend to get very dry and itchy skin. I don’t know why it happens, but my skin just gets very dry and I can get small patches of psoriasis as well. (Attractive, I know). This stuff is really not greasy at all (because obviously I have a huge issue with my skin feeling greasy – I hate it), and the smell is barely noticeable. I use this more for my back, or when I start finding dry patches on my skin. This stuff works so well that I bought a travel size too to take with me on vacation. You can buy this stuff in a tub (which I have used in the past) that has a menthol type feel and a stronger scent, but it is quite a strong scent and not for everybody.


3. Macadamia Oil Body Cream by Barefoot Venus – This moisturizer smells like heaven to me. I love the smell of grapefruit lotion, perfume, anything. I really love grapefruits. This moisturizer includes scents of bergamot, and peppermint as well which just smells really fresh. I use this on my hands before I go to bed all the time. I keep it on my nightstand right now, but I didn’t use it for a long time before now. My mom got it for me for Christmas about a year or 2 ago. I am pretty sure that where she bought it it was about $18-20, so kind of pricey. But I love the smell. It is a little bit greasier than the other creams that I use, but I don’t find that that feeling lasts very long.


4. Wild Rose + Vitamin C Advanced Brightening Sleeping Facial by Korres – It took me such a long time to decide to buy this product. I had gotten a sample of it from Sephora probably 6 months or more ago and I really liked it. I am not the biggest fan of most rose scented things, but I loved what this cream did for my skin. I work a lot of night shifts, so when I get home and wash my face I put this on before I go to sleep at like 8:00am. The first time that I used this I woke up and went, “Wow”. My skin was soft and smooth, and I really felt like my face looked a lot brighter. This product is about $50, but worth it. (Plus my husband really likes the scent, and he thinks that I look better too).


5. Hand Food by Soap & Glory – Yes, another Soap & Glory product. I can’t get enough of this brand for sure. I think that all of their products that I have smelt are amazing. Like I mentioned about watching a ton of makeup videos on Youtube, I am seriously jealous of anyone living in the U.K. who can get the whole line of these products. I love them! Hand Food is a product that I carry around with me in my purse a lot. It smells really nice…I don’t know, it says that it is made with marshmallow and macadamia oil, with shea butter. I don’t know what it smells like, but it is also just a gentle and soft smell. Some of their other products also smell like this, and I really like it. It almost like a traditional scent (whatever that means), and it isn’t too strong, but makes my hands feel amazing. I wash my hands a ton, and I have only had this for a few months, but I really think that this will do my hands justice throughout the winter.


Is 5 a lot of moisturizers to love? Probably. Oh well, I love them a lot and use them on almost a daily basis, for different reasons. Plus, it is fall now and starting to get colder. The air is getting so much cooler, and I am slathering the moisturizer on a lot more.

What are your favourite moisturizers?

Thanks for reading!



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